The Photo Showcase App project is an exciting new way to publish your photography as an iPad app - or to create a tourist guide for your town, city, or attraction.

In fact there are many uses for this project - it displays photos and text, and no coding is required to build an iPad app with this project!

  • Loads images from jpeg files (just name them photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg, etc)
  • Loads descriptions alongside photos (photo1.html, photo2.html, etc)
  • High-resolution images supported, with full-screen viewing option (see video)
  • Description HTML files support hyprlinks, which will load in Safari Browser.
  • Supports Portrait & Landscape, with smooth transition between (see video)
  • Ability to save photos to iPad Photo Library
  • Ability to share photos via email (see video), with custom email text (see guide)
  • Animated transitions (see video)

Create a beautiful iPad App without writing a single line of code!